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About Me


Hi! Thanks so much for dropping by!


I’m Nicola, a tertiary trained artist, nomad and a lover of life!

I believe that life is art and we are literally the creators of our own little worlds…

I’ve created this website to help you re-tap into your creativity through art meditation, technical art skills and to help you live life a bit more outside the square!


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Stuff that you might not know about me…


The first piece of art I ever sold was a ceramic sculpture of a donut to my sports teacher in primary school. Thanks Mr Goodman! :)


art school



I have a degree in Visual Arts (painting). I went back to uni as a “mature aged student” (eeek!), but was happy to have the extra life experience under my belt!







This is Charlie who I owned for over 12 years and lived in her for a year travelling around Western Australia and the Northern Territory! She’s soon to have new adventures with her lovely new owners…







I lived in Africa for a year (mostly in Malawi) teaching sexual health and life skills at a high school.

Malawi is SUCH a beautiful country!




cage diving



I have a strange fascination for sharks… This is me and one of my besties cage diving with great whites in South Africa! I’ll admit I was a little nervous!




my love



My amazing partner Carlos is such a blessing! He treats me like an absolute princess and is super patient when I spill tea all over the couch! (which is kinda often) ;) hehe!





Nomadic feet have carried me here over the years…

(the travel bug bit me)


world map



I also love…


exhibition   no hair 3   fire twirling 3


nursery school malawi 3   naps 3   snowboarding 3


earthbag building   camel 3   whale sharks 3



Enough about me… I’d love to get to know more about you!

Come play with me on facebook, instagram and pinterest or email me at

Oh and I’ve created a free mini online art course called Blank Canvas Phobia that I’d love you to join if you’re into that kinda thing! :)


Sending you so much love!

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