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Add a dash of water!

Add a dash of water!




Today I thought I’d show you a little before and after… :)


You might remember this piece that I drew/painted while I was in India last year.


before and after


For some reason, I didn’t add any water to pencil marks at the time even though I drew it with water soluble pencils. I think I just loved this piece so much and was afraid of messing it up!


Anyway, the other day it was calling out to me, so I grabbed my paint brush and a jar of water and got to work.


I didn’t add any extra pigment at all… only water, so I thought it might be interesting for you to see the effect.


Using water soluble pencils kinda reminds me of using those magic markers that my friends had when I was a kid. Do you remember those or was it just an Aussie thing?!


They were these plain looking textas (in this case it was my brush with the water) and then you would colour in these special pages and different colours would magically appear!


Anyhoo…┬álet me know in the comments below if you prefer the before or after!


With love,

new sign green trimmed


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